Create Your Rhythm Patterns

  • RhythmBud is a MIDI effect application that would transform incoming MIDI messages into the rhythmic pattern you will create on its editor.

  • Has a very easy-to-use user interface that would work on iPad Pro to iPhone SE size screens as well as resizeable AUv3 plugin windows.

  • In its timeline editor, you can create/edit your rhythm patterns while controlling its MIDI transformation settings from its toolbar on the bottom.

  • You have quick timeline editor options on the top-left action menu - clear pattern, quantize, undo and redo.

Create rhythm pattern

Toolbar and Modes

  • RhythmBud has a very rich mode bar. You can select a mode from the left menu and then control it from the toolbar at the bottom.

  • You can create rhythm patterns or edit the selected one.

  • You can assign different arpeggios to your rhythm patterns such as up, down, up-down, high first, low first, and random orders.

  • You can add a strumming effect with an offset and note-order to your rhythm patterns.

  • You can modify the velocity of your rhythm patterns or add ratchets up to 4 repeats.

  • You can transpose the incoming MIDI notes between -24 and +24 semitones.

  • And you can record a pattern by tapping the toolbar - Like creating a rhythm pattern by clapping your hands!

Toolbar and Modes

Take Snapshots

  • You can quickly save your current configuration with the snapshots!

  • You can switch between your snapshots insanly fast - even if your RhythmBud is running.

  • You can assign a MIDI CC number to your snapshots channel.

  • Send that MIDI CC channel to the index number of the snapshot you want to load.

  • You can also take advantage of the Audio Unit parameters for using that feature in AUv3 mode.


Take advantage of AUv3 Plugin

  • Use it in supporting hosts like AUM, Audiobus 3, Cubasis 2, Beat Maker 3, apeMatrix and NanoStudio 2.

  • Route your external MIDI hardware or your MIDI controller/sequencer app to RhythmBud.

  • Route RhythmBud's MIDI out to your AUv3 Synth.

  • Create your rhythm pattern and hit the play button on your host app for starting the engine.

  • RhythmBud supports AUv3 user presets, Audio Unit parameters and works with all populer AUv3 hosts.

AUv3 Audio Unit Plugin

Audiobus MIDI and Ableton Link

  • You can use it in the Audiobus 3 as a MIDI Sender and Receiver.

  • In that mode, you can take advantage of the IAA and connect to other supporting apps.

  • Also, you can use Ableton Link for being in sync with the other supporting apps.


Download for iOS or Apple Silicon

Open source

RhythmBud offers its core componets on Github.
They are all shared libraries for iOS, macOS and tvOS platforms, written in Swift.

Music Theory

A music theory library with Note, Interval, Scale and Chord representations in Swift enums.


Send and receive MIDI in human language with Swift enums.


The whole editor UI code of the RhythmBud.

Other Apps

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AUv3 MIDI Keyboard.


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