Set the chance for EVERY possibility

  • MuseBud, the MIDI generator app, allows you to customize the likelihood of each and every possibility!

    Tailor individual possibilities for note, octave, duration, velocity, gate length, and ratchet count at your preference.

    The randomization engine selects values based on the chances you've set, creating a MIDI note.

    Generate, record, and loop MIDI sequences effortlessly.

Modes of the app.

Generate special sequences

  • The note mode includes all the scale notes you're working with, along with the option for a rest note.

    Adjust the key/scale in the settings menu or use the BrainBud app for quick changes.

    Optimize your results by fine-tuning possibilities and excluding specific parameters with a 0% setting for the best outcomes.

    Craft multiple patterns effortlessly by creating a new copy of your current pattern.

    This allows for experimentation with subtle changes without losing your previous work.

Experiment with note possibilities.

Loop back the sequences

  • MuseBud records sequences of up to 64 notes, and you have the flexibility to loop back a section whenever you want.

    Define the starting step and loop count in the buffer.

    You can delete/edit steps in the looper by pressing them.

    The step editor empowers you to modify every property of each step, from note and octave to duration, velocity, gate length, and ratchet count.

    Each pattern comes with its own buffer, allowing you to create an unlimited number of loops by generating new patterns.

Looper of the app.

Take advantage of the AUv3 Plugin

  • The MuseBud app operates both as a standalone application and as an AUv3 MIDI Plugin.

    You can create AU presets and use AU parameters of the AUv3 plugin.

    You can control the patterns, key/scale and the looper of MuseBud with AU parameters.

    You can also modulate the parameters or change the patterns with PatternBud.

AUv3 parameters of the app.

Download for iOS or Apple Silicon

Open source

MuseBud offers its core componets on Github.
They are all shared libraries for iOS, macOS and tvOS platforms, written in Swift.

Music Theory

A music theory library with Note, Interval, Scale and Chord representations in Swift enums.


Fully custumisable and editable knob with rotary, horizontal and/or vertical gesture recognition.


@IBDesignable Horizontal or vertical UIControl subclass that can start from bottom or middle of the control.

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