A super quick arp

  • Welcome to Kebarp, the super quick arpeggiator app. Simply drag your finger to draw notes on the customizable grid in no time.

    The numbers on the grid represent the notes in the scale. 1 is the root note, 2 is the second note, -2 is the note before, and so on.

    On the control strip, adjust the minimum and maximum octaves, set the step count, and fine-tune the sequencer speed.

    Easily adjust gate, velocity, their variety, and swing settings directly from the control strip.

A super quick arp.

Create patterns quickly

  • Quickly place notes on the responsive grid by dragging your finger. Tap a note on the grid to remove it or introduce a rest.

    Notes are locked into a scale. Press the scale button on the control strip to choose a new scale quickly.

    You can also use the BrainBud app for changing the scale as well.

    Remember to connect a MIDI keyboard or sequencer to Kebarp as a source.

    When you send a MIDI note to Kebarp, it will play the arpeggio based on that note, following the pattern you've drawn on the grid.

Create patterns qucikly.

Chain patterns back to back

  • Kebarp includes a super useful feature called pattern chaining, which you can activate in the settings menu.

    When activated, Kebarp will automatically advance to the next pattern, enabling you to create evolving patterns effortlessly with this feature.

    The retrigger option resets the sequencer when you play a new note on your MIDI keyboard. If you prefer not to reset the sequencer, you can deactivate the retrigger option in the settings menu.

Pattern Chaining.

Take advantage of the AUv3 Plugin

  • Kebarp app operates both as a standalone application and as an AUv3 MIDI Plugin.

    You can create AU presets and use AU parameters of the AUv3 plugin.

    You can control the patterns and all other parameters with AU parameters.

    You can also change the parameters or change the patterns with PatternBud.

AUv3 parameters of the app.

Download for iOS or Apple Silicon

Open source

Kebarp offers its core componets on Github.
They are all shared libraries for iOS, macOS and tvOS platforms, written in Swift.

Music Theory

A music theory library with Note, Interval, Scale and Chord representations in Swift enums.


Customisable and editable MIDI Piano Roll.


Layout items horizontally with equal spacing or scrolling.

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