MIDI Support

  • Plug your favorite MIDI instrument, open your favorite DAW or any music composing application, fire up KeyBud and just play your tunes!

  • It is automatically detects plugged MIDI instrument and shows your playing notes in its virtual piano view as well as the chords you are playing.

Connect your MIDI instrument.

Scales and Chords

  • Lots of scales and chords.
    All basic and advanced ones.
    Check them out.

Custom Lists

  • Create your own custom lists.
    Add any scale or chord to your list, rename it, choose it from the modes menu.

Create your custom lists.

Smart Layout

  • Use it either landscape or portrait mode in your iPhone or iPad.

  • It will layouts itself smartly.

Smart layout on iOS Devices.

TouchBar Support

  • You can use your MacBook Pro's TouchBar to control scales, tonics and modes.

Use your TouchBar to full control.

Apple Watch

  • Control your scales, tonics and modes right from your watch.

  • You could also see the circle of fifths in your watch.

Use your Apple Watch to control KeyBud.

Apple TV

  • Use advantage of your big screen.
    Apple TV does not support MIDI input.

Full KeyBud experience on Apple TV.

Discontinued! Please check out ScaleBud 2

Download for iOS

Download for Mac

Download for Apple TV

Open source

KeyBud offers its core componets on Github.
They are all shared libraries for iOS, macOS and tvOS platforms, written in Swift.

Music Theory

A music theory library with Note, Interval, Scale and Chord representations in Swift enums.

Circle of Fifths

Fully customisable IBDesignable circle of fifths implementation in Swift.

Piano View

Fully custumisable piano keyboard view with IBDesignable properties in Swift.

Other Apps

ArpBud 2

AUv3 MIDI Arpeggiator.

ChordBud 2

AUv3 MIDI Chord Sequencer.


AUv3 MIDI Recorder.


AUv3 Techno Bass Lines.


AUv3 MIDI Sequencer.


AUv3 MIDI Generative Sequencer.

ScaleBud 2

AUv3 MIDI Keyboard.


AUv3 MIDI Sequencer.


Multitrack Polyrhythmic Sequencer.


MIDI CC Sequencer.


AUv3 MIDI Sequencer.

In Theory

AUv3 MIDI Keyboard.


Bud App Controller.


Binary Based MIDI Sequencer.

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